Many people seeking to legally separate from a spouse need the help of a divorce lawyer, as few cases are very simple. The good news is that most lawyers of this type have experience in various related subjects. Find out the most common specialties that your attorney will probably have some knowledge of, as you just may need help in these areas.

Many people are so accustomed to living in a household where both spouses work that they cannot afford to live alone. Even if only one spouse works, the other usually takes care of the house or kids, in which case separation means you need to either take on more work in your life or hire someone else to perform the necessary tasks. This is why you should only hire a divorce lawyer with experience dealing with spousal support. If you do not have kids together but need your former spouse’s money to live, you should get alimony, depending on whether you can work and make the amount you need. If you have children together, then you will likely get child support if you have the kids the majority of the time. The amount you receive will depend on what the court thinks you need to provide for them, how often you have custody of them, and what the noncustodial parent earns. Your attorney should be able to help you get the money you deserve.

Sometimes men deny that they are the parent of their children at all, mostly to get out of paying child support, though sometimes it is merely to make life harder for their ex-wife. If your ex is telling the court that he is not the father, you can get a paternity test ordered with the help of a divorce lawyer. Once he proves what you already know, you can request child support. On the other hand, if you are a husband and suspects that you are not the father, and that your ex is just trying to get money from you, a paternity test can help clear your name so you do not owe, though the laws differ in each state. Contact an attorney like one in Columbus Ohio offering this service to get this test done soon and present the results in court.

Another detail that a good divorce lawyer can help you with is an order of protection. If you have received a threat from your ex, you can get an order of protection from the court through your attorney. This will state that the person threatening you cannot come near you or he or she will be arrested. Though this should not be taken lightly, you should use this tool if you feel unsafe after a threat to your life has been made.

It is helpful when one person, your divorce lawyer, can help you with all these needs , in addition to any related matters that may come up. This is why you should try to find someone with experience in all of these subjects if you suspect you will need help with several things during your legal separation.

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