If you live in Florida, or more specifically the South Florida area, hurricane window protection is on just about every home owners mind. During a hurricane, things can get pretty rough, with high speed winds small everyday items like traffic signs and what not can be thrown around at speeds of 130 miles per hour. Also not to mention the fact that water will come pouring in the second a window breaks during a hurricane. This is why hurricane window protection is a must for home and business owners who live in a hurricane prone area.

Hurricane Window Protection Methods

There are many different ways to protect your windows on your home or business. Let’s discuss them, and the pros and cons of each.

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Impact Glass

One of the most popular ways to protect your windows and keep them from breaking in a hurricane is to use impact glass for windows.

Impact glass is a simple and great way to make sure that your home is truly protected. Other methods like a protective film, which I will discuss below, only protect it on the outer layer and are still not as strong as impact glass. see https://kpattorney.com/

Hurricane Window Protection Film

Another way to protect your windows is to cover the inside part with a security protection film. Security window films are actually crystal clear, and can protect your windows from hurricanes, but also protect your home from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The security film actually adheres to the inside of the window, and it allows glass to shatter, but the film holds it in position for the rest of the storm. This keeps flying debris, water and the glass itself from coming into your home or business. The main benefit of security film is its lower cost and quicker installation time. The main drawback to this of course is the fact that you have to replace the window, and film, after the storm is over.

Hurricane Storm Shutters

Storm shutters provide great protection for your home or business, while also keeping the appearance looking good, and all your windows safe. Storm shutters come in a variety of types, and below we have listed them.

– Accordion Storm Shutters

– Rolling Storm Shutters

– Storm Panels

– Bahama/Colonial Storm Shutters

The best thing though about storm shutters, is that they double as protection from burglary and theft. They also can be equipped with an electric motor that can open and close them at your command.


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